I’ve been involved in all aspects of music production for over forty years now, as a singer-songwriter, musician, sound engineer and record producer. I’m now based in Madrid but started out performing as a teenager in the pubs and clubs of North East of England before moving to Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1980s.

Here I trained as an engineer/producer at Impulse Studio – the home of NWOBHM label Neat Records – and worked with a range of artists including Lindisfarne and Venom – while continuing to write, record and tour my own material. Screen Idols album ‘Follow Your Heart’ was released in 1988.

During the 1990s I continued to do production work for the Bleeding Hearts label (Abbadon, Venom, Paul DiAnno’s Killers, Bernie Torme etc) and I also released two studio albums – ‘Blasthead (1993) and ‘Gunk’ (1996) – with the band ‘Forgodsake’ who completed several UK tours supporting the likes of The Dogs D’Amour, Freak of Nature and Mr Big.

During the 90s, I also became involved with ‘folk-metal pioneers’ Skyclad, first as a producer and session musician (for ten albums) and then as a writer and lead vocalist. With Skyclad, I have released several albums – ‘A Semblance Of Normality’ (2004), ‘In The All Together’ (2009) and ‘Forward Into The Past’ (2017) – and have performed on numerous European tours and at festivals including Wacken, Rock Hard and Rockharz (Germany), The Gods of Metal (Italy), Leyendas del Rock (Spain), Tuska Festival (Finland), Sweden Rock, Hard Rock Hell (HRH) festivals (UK) and Hellfest (France).

I have also worked as a live engineer with artists such as Venom, Skyclad and Twisted Sister at events such as the Milwaukee Metal Fest (US), the Dynamo Festival (Holland) and gigs like the Astoria (London).

My first solo album – ‘Flying in the Face of Logic’ – an acoustic/folk-rock and largely autobiographical album was released by Global Music in July 2011 and I continue to write, record and tour with Skyclad and doing my own solo acoustic gigs.