Finally, we did it! There were a few echoes of Skyclad’s ‘unplugged’ Irish Pub tours here as we did the first gig for the ‘Flying In The Face Of Logic’ album at Paddy Whacks in Sunderland. Despite a few technical shortcomings – and the distinct lack a punters on this rainy Wednesday night – the band played ten of the fourteen album tracks without a hitch. I should say that this was really the point of this first ‘test’ gig and my thanks to Arron, Dave, Steve and Sophy for all their hard work and commitment because, in the first instance, I needed to get the band together and be able to perform a long enough set for festivals, support slots and so on, and we have now achieved this in some style (so time for more gigs I hear you say). Thanks also to Sarah Holmes for her support set. The set list was:

  • Flying In The Face Of Logic (Intro)
  • Eat The Sun
  • Where We Want To Go
  • Angel at Harlow Green
  • De Profundis (Back Home Again)
  • Point Of Departure
  • Which Is Why
  • They Dance Till Tomorrow
  • Good Intention
  • Still Lucid After All These Beers