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Archive for June, 2011


‘Point Of Departure’ @

Point Of Departure is now available for streaming at


‘Flying In The Face Of Logic’ Available For Presale

‘Flying In The Face Of Logic’ is available for presale now at the Global Music Online Shop.

1. Flying In The Face Of Logic (Part 1)
2. Eat The Sun
3. Angel At Harlow Green
4. De Profundis (Back Home Again)
5. The Linton Flyer
6. Good Intentions (A Young Man’s Tale)
7. Point Of Departure
8. (We All Get) Where We Want To Go
9. Still Lucid After All These Beers
10. Which Is Why (2010 mix)
11. Knotwork
12. They Dance Till Tomorrow
13. Lost For Words
14. Flying In The Face Of Logic (Part 2)